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Body Detox

What is Body Detox all about?

Our bodies are wonderfully designed. If given what they need, they give us a much better life in return. Nutritionally, there are two general actions we can take to help our bodies.

1. Putting good things into our bodies. This means eating good food as much as possible and supplementing, as necessary, with a high quality multi-vitamin/mineral/nutrients - like our Foundation.

2. Getting bad things out of our bodies. Our body has a natural ability to process and remove waste and we want to support its function in removing toxins we absorb through our environment.

So, what makes Inspired Nutrition's Body Detox the ultimate?

It would be nice if there was one nutrient that would remove all bad things. However, nature seems to have designed things so that there are several nutrients that work together with the body in doing this - each blending their qualities with the others.

Our Body Detox blends 20 different nutrients together to support the body’s natural ability to remove bad things out of the body. Each year we review current research to make sure our Body Detox remains the ultimate. Our products contain nutrients that must be:

Lab-certified - highest quality ingredients.
Full Spectrum - of ingredients needed for optimal cleansing.
Highly Absorbable - designed for full effect in your body.
Proper Amounts - to give you the optimum results.

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