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Our asthma treatment service is quick and easy - you can order your prescription inhaler online and have it delivered. We only offer repeat prescriptions. Our service is suitable for you if you have been using your inhaler for at least three months and your asthma is well controlled. Our online doctor will review your order and check whether you are eligible for an online prescription.

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Why is asthma treatment so important?

Asthma is a chronic long term health condition that cannot be cured, but managed with an asthma treatment. It is caused by inflammation and sensitivity in the airways, which narrow and swell up. This inflammation means the airways are constricted, resulting in wheezing and difficulty breathing. Mucus is produced, clogging up the airways and causing coughing. People with asthma often describe the feeling as being like a band around their chest, restricting their breathing more and more.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of asthma include wheezing (when you breathe if you are wheezing it makes a whistling sound), coughing, difficulty breathing and a tight chest. If your symptoms seem to be worse during the night, speak to your doctor about it. This can be a sign that your condition is getting worse or that your asthma treatment needs to be changed to manage it better.

Which types of asthma treatments are there?

When treating asthma, it is important to maintain a healthy lung function. Sports and regular physical activity can help you achieve this. In addition, you may need long-acting medication. There are several types of treatments for asthma which include the common asthma inhaler (with Salbutamol) for acute or severe asthma, along with long-term drugs (e.g. Cortisone). There are also combination products and other devices: dry-powder inhalers, metered-dose aerosols and even tablets for severe cases of asthma. If you are suffering from allergic asthma, it is also important to start a therapy for your allergy and minimise exposure to the allergen.

What is the aim of asthma treatment?

The long-term goal of any asthma treatment is to reduce any tendency towards inflammation in your bronchial tubes, and to maintain them in a relaxed, open state. This way, asthma attacks can be avoided in the long run or will at least occur less frequently. Hence, asthma treatment consists of medication to control the swelling of the membranes (walls) which causes the narrowing of the airways, and treating the inflammation of the airways. For a long time, asthma therapy focussed on acute asthma attacks (or seizures), underestimating the importance of long-term preventive asthma treatment.

What is an asthma attack?

When the symptoms get very bad, that’s known as an asthma attack. During an asthma attack, the chest tightens and the person fights to catch their breath. For most people, severe asthma attacks build over the course of between 6 and 48 hours, but some people may find that their attacks develop rapidly and without a warning. Severe attacks can be fatal and require immediate hospital treatment. In the case of a very severe asthma attack, call 999. Usually, patients can manage their asthma when using a preventative asthma treatment.

Treatment for acute asthma attacks

Current asthma treatments for seizures (but also for everyday use) are medications that combine both anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator in one drug (e.g. salbutamol). This means that salbutamol (often sold as Ventolin®) for instance can relieve the inflammation and help your airways dilate when they are swollen/too narrow.

The effects of asthma inhalers last about four hours at best. Alternative emergency treatments for asthma include anticholinergics - which expand the bronchial tubes, although they act a little slower than salbutamol – and xanthine derivatives (e.g. theophylline) which treat the inflammation in bronchial tubes. These are mostly used when other medications are not enough to treat severe asthma – and when cortisone tablets can’t be prescribed.
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