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Anti-inflammatory drugs are those that reduce inflammation. The main group of these drugs are nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs and corticosteroid drugs.

Symptoms of Inflammation are redness, swelling, heat, and pain in a tissue due to injury or infection. When body tissues become damaged, mast cells release the chemical histamine and other substances. Histamine increases the flow of blood to damaged tissue and also makes the blood capillaries more leaky; fluid then oozes out and into the tissues, causing localized swelling. Pain is caused by the stimulation of nerve endings by the inflammatory chemicals.
Inflammation is usually accompanied by a local increase in the number of white blood cells. These cells help to destroy and invading microorganisms and are involved in repairing the damaged tissue. Inappropriate inflammation (as in rheumatoid arthritis and some other autoimmune disorders) may be suppressed by corticosteroid drugs or buy nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Inflammatory bowel disease
A collective term for chronic disorder affection the small and/or large intestine that cause abdominal pain, bleeding, and diarrhoea. Chron’s disease and ulcerative colitis are the most common types of inflammatory bowel disease.

Inflammation is a process by which the body’s white blood cells and chemicals protect us from infection by foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses. In some diseases, however, the body’s immune system inappropriately triggers an inflammatory response in the absence of foreign substances. In these diseases, called autoimmune diseases, the body’s protective defense system causes damage to its own tissues.
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